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Slick RC Community During 2008 Ben Fischer of 3D Hobby Shop and Andrew Jesky teamed up and released a 51" scale model of the Slick360/540. Since then the 51"AJ Slick has gone on to become one of the most successful and highly applauded electric RC models ever.

3D Hobby Shop have gone on to produce an entire family of AJ Slick's including a 42", 51", 70", 89" and a whopping 45% scale model at 126". We are just waiting to see if Ben and AJ are going to come up with a 292" version!

For more info visit their website or check out the discussion forum threads. (many,many pages...) Kevin Dieterich also produced a beautiful 42% scale Slick 540 which is being highly acclaimed by the large scale RC flying community.

You can check out his website here for more info.

The Slick Aircraft Company are passionate about aviation and acknowledge that the RC community share that same passion. Dreams may start at 42" but they may take you all the way to 292".

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