Judging the Slick 360 at Advanced level - by Quintin Hawthorne (International Judge)

From a judging perspective, the Slick 360 is an ideal aircraft for an aerobatic judge to assess. With a competent aerobatic pilot in control, it is capable of performing all complex aerobatic manoeuvres to a high degree of precision. It presents well in basic figures, thereby holding the vertical, horizontal and 45 degree lines cleanly. When executing snap rolls, the Slick 360 leaves no doubt in the judge’s mind as to its authenticity. The snap roll has a deep stall with the ensuing autorotation clearly visible through all its stages.

In much the same way, hesitation rolls are performed at a reasonable roll rate, which allows the judge to assess the degree of precision at each stage of hesitation more readily. This is all due to its slower roll-rate than some of the more high performance aircraft used in competition today. Notwithstanding this, it is still able to place the rolls along a line of a figure without having to compromise with a shorter line afterwards.

The Slick 360 also positions well in the aerobatic box during complex sequences. Judges will be well advised to be aware of its upright spin characteristics, once it stalls and begins the autorotation, it at times appears to spin rather flatly before transcending to the vertical. This is more pronounced than a Zlin 50 for example and should not, in terms of judging criteria, be downgraded.

One comment however, is that due to the shape of the underside of the aircraft, it may appear slightly negative of the vertical in an upline. The aircraft owner would be well advised to include a broad strip along the side when designing the paint scheme.

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