Slick Aircraft Pilot Reviews

  • Flying the Slick 360 (2006) by Glen Dell

    There are numerous similarities throughout motor sport for the creation of the ideal vehicle. Whether it be a racing car, motorcycle, boat or plane one wishes to achieve the ultimate balance of power, weight and maneuverability. This was certainly the criteria for the development of the Slick 360.
  • The Presentation of the Slick - by John Gaillard (CIVA Vice President - Chief Judge AWAC 2004)

    There are many different factors involved with the way aerobatic aircraft are viewed by the judges and these have changed significantly over the past few years. When I started judging, the most competitive aircraft was the Pitts Special, a small biplane and sometimes it was almost like having a bumblebee flying around in the box especially when it was high in the box.
  • Judging the Slick 360 at Advanced level - by Quintin Hawthorne (International Judge)

    From a judging perspective, the Slick 360 is an ideal aircraft for an aerobatic judge to assess. With a competent aerobatic pilot in control, it is capable of performing all complex aerobatic manoeuvres to a high degree of precision. It presents well in basic figures, thereby holding the vertical, horizontal and 45 degree lines cleanly. When executing snap rolls, the Slick 360 leaves no doubt in the judge’s mind as to its authenticity. The snap roll has a deep stall with the ensuing autorotation clearly visible through all its stages.
  • Flying the Slick 360 : A pilots perspective - by Helmut Ludwig (Multiple AWAC competitor)

    As an active competitor in Advanced aerobatics for the past six years, I have flown quite a large number of single and two seat aerobatic planes – Sukhoi 29, Extra 300L, Laser, Pitts S2B, Pitts S2A, Yak 55, Yak 52, Chipmunk, Tiger Moth, Cessna 150 Aerobat, Yak 19T, Zlin 142 – to name a few. Then of course there is my own aircraft, my beloved Zlin 50 LS. Generally speaking, all aerobatic craft can be divided into two broad categories. There are those you get into and then there are those that you wear! The list of the “wearable” ones is short, but the Slick 360 is definitely on it. It is an absolute joy to fly!

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