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  • Engineering News - February 2007

    Aerobatic Contender Cutting-edge local entry into global niche aircraft market
  • Popular Mechanics - November 2006

    Aerial Pirouette - Text by Sean Woods / Photographs by Colin Bennett.THERE'S something strangely compelling about aerobatic aircraft. Pushing the limits of design and engineering, showcasing the formidable skill and courage of their pilots, they provide us with a mixture of excitement and dread: what if something goes wrong?
  • African Pilot - April 2006

    Slick 360 - Text by Glen Dell and Francois Jordaan / Photos by Athol Franz. Flying the Slick 360 by Glen Dell. There are numerous similarities throughout motor sport for the creation of the ideal vehicle. Whether it be a racing car, motorcycle, boat or plane one wishes to achieve the ultimate balance of power, weight and maneuverability. This was certainly the criteria for the development of the Slick 360.
  • African Pilot - July 2004

    Daimler Chrysler SA Aerobatic Championships 2004 - Text and photos by Pete van der Spek.Some of the best pilots in South Africa gathered in East London over the weekend of 3,4 and 5 June to compete for the coveted aerobatic trophies. It wasn’t just about pride; it was about being good at what they do. It wasn’t about being better than anyone else; it was being good at the job in hand! It was camaraderie and being with other pilots who enjoy flying and talking about aircraft. It was great.
  • Slick Win For Glen Dell - June 2006

    Slick Win For Glen Dell - by Dave Hartman.Not only did Glen Dell walk away with the national crown in the South African Aerobatic Championships in East London last month, but he also confirmed his earlier privately voiced prediction that the South African-designed and built Slick 360 which he flew in the event, would come out tops.
  • World Airnews - May 2004

    South Africa's Sleek Little Slick - Text by Glen Dell and Tom Chalmers. Photos by Ian Burnham.It's sleek. It's slippery. It's oh so smooth. It's superb and it's all South African. It's the Aero-Cam Slick 360 designed to take on the world's best in international advanced aerobatics and it will make its world public debut at the EAA AirWeek at Wonderboom Airport, Pretoria, from April 29 to May 1.
  • African Pilot - May 2004

    Slick 360 - Text by Glen Dell and Francois Jordaan. Photos by Athol Franz.A look down the flight line of any of the 5 Advanced World Aerobatic Championships (AWAC) that have been held, will reveal a gaggle of great ex unlimited aerobatic aircraft.

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