Slick 360 009 begins test flight regime

The 9th Slick 360 aircraft left the factory floor and began its test flight regime.

The Slick 360 has undergone a continual refinement process and a big emphasis was placed on reducing weight.

Slick No9 has several design enhancements that were carried forward from the Slick 540 such as the low profile canopy. A modified elevator without additional balance horns and the shorter length ailerons from the the Slick prototype were adopted. Under the skin the wing was built using prepreg carbon as opposed to a wet lay-up process and the craft is powered by a 220HP parallel valve engine mated to a two blade Milbauer propeller.

The cockpit features a full glass interface and an adjustable seat. Final dry weight is down to 465kg which is an impressive 35kg weight loss.

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