Slick 360 - Aerobatic Aircraft

Engine Options

Aero Sport Power IO-360 (200 H.P.) or Barrett Precision Engines Lightweight IO-360-X

The preferred engine choice is a Lycoming IO-360 parallel valve engine mated to a cold sump air induction system


Exhaust is a 4-in-one stainless steel exhaust by Sky Dynamics or a custom built Slick Aircraft exhaust system


MTV- 9 3 bladed hydraulic constant speed, 188 cm in diameter.

MTV-15 2 bladed hydraulic constant speed, 190 cm in diameter.


The fuselage is fully composite allowing for increased internal space with an an overall finish that has cleaner lines.


Pre-preg carbon composite wing with hand profiled finish.


Standard analogue instruments or full digital glass cockpit are available as options.

Control Surfaces

The elevator is internally mass balanced which supplies aerodynamic balancing. In addition the right hand side of the elevator has a trim tab, the control of which is electrically controlled from the cockpit.

The rudder is similar to that of many top aerobatic aircraft and has an aerodynamic balancing horn totaling some 15% of total rudder area.

The ailerons are counter-balanced with the mass located in the external horn. Full length and shortened competition spec sizes are available as options.


Engine Lycoming AEIO-360
Horsepower 200/220
Max Engine RPM 2700
Propeller MTV-9 3 bladed or MTV-15 2 bladed hydraulic constant speed
Fuel Capacity (total) 35 US Gallons
Load Factor +10 / -10 G
Wing Span 7.30 Metres
Length 5.97 Metres
Empty Weight 465 kg
Max Take off weight 585 kg - aerobatic
VNE 260 mph


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